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Strymon Big Sky MX Multidimensional Reverb


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The new pinnacle of what a reverb pedal can be has arrived.

In BigSky MX, raw computational power meets innovative design and consummate sonic craftsmanship to give you positively sublime reverbs with stunning new levels of richness and complexity.

These are sounds to inspire new creative works and endless hours of playing.

Play Video about Strymon BigSky MX reverb pedal shown from a low, dramatic angle. A blue guitar pedal with 9 black knobs, an OLED display screen, and three footswitches.


BigSky MX packs a remarkable amount of premium features into a single pedal.

>12 World-Class Reverb Machines

BigSky MX features seven brand-new algorithms in addition to significant enhancements to the other classics.

>Two Reverbs At Once

Dual reverbs can be routed in Series, Parallel or Split modes, and individually panned per engine.

> 10s Stereo Impulse Response Capability

Access full IR editing functionality, as well as custom long captures of classic studio gear.

> Stereo Inputs and Outputs

Unlock massive width and presence with full stereo I/O featuring our discrete Class A JFET input preamps.

> Dedicated Infinite/Freeze Footswitch

Create lush pads to play over, or infinitely sustain any notes played for unique atmospheric effects.

> Full MIDI Control And More

Change presets and control parameters with MIDI via USB-C, TRS, or DIN connections. Adjust controls on the fly via an expression pedal. All this and more in an elegant, easy-to-use pedal.


Tri-Core Arm Processor
800 MHz
Floating Point Processing

BigSky MX features a staggering amount of computing power — it uses a high performance tri-core 800 MHz ARM processor — all dedicated to producing truly breathtaking reverbs. Our new reverb algorithms were meticulously created by hand, and then a state-of-the-art gradient descent optimization algorithm was used to dial out any undesirable ringing or artifacts. 

This type of neural fine-tuning is based upon the same techniques that have enabled the recent AI revolution, and the result is springs that drip and splash, physical spaces you can really feel yourself in, and the sweetest possible musical response to every note you play.

A GIF of BigSky MX's display screen cycling through various dual reverb presets.


BigSky MX allows you to use two reverbs at once, for powerful sound sculpting and expansive reverb sounds that evolve organically over time.

You can switch between reverb engines with a single button press while editing, and easily see the Series, Parallel or Split audio routing state clearly displayed onscreen.

For a more interactive experience, you can dedicate a footswitch to control each reverb’s on/off state if you desire.

BigSky MX resting over an old, rustic spring reverb module.
GIF of BigSky MX's TYPE encoder cycling through all 12 options.


BigSky MX features seven brand new reverb algorithms built from the ground up, plus new features and enhancements for the classic BigSky algorithms. 

Impulse and Chamber were created specifically for BigSky MX, and Spring, Plate, Hall, Room and Shimmer boast entirely new handcrafted algorithms while still giving you access to the original BigSky voices for each one.

Within every reverb type on BigSky MX, there are new sounds and features ready for you to explore.


BigSky MX gives you powerful editing tools to intuitively manipulate impulse responses in real time.

Set decay envelopes, gate the reverb tail, reverse the entire IR, resample on the fly to shorten or stretch the impulse, and create infinitely sustaining granular pads at the press of the Infinite footswitch.

Any compatible audio file can be loaded, allowing you to use convolution reverbs for everything from hyper-realistic spaces to wacky experimentation. 

BigSky MX comes preloaded with 22 unique stereo impulse responses, including a collection of our very own meticulous captures of legendary analog studio gear that are addictively inspiring.


This convolution reverb utilizes Impulse Response (IR) files to create mathematically perfect recreations of recorded spaces. BigSky MX includes a hand-picked selection of IRs, from in-house captures of classic studio effects, to wacky analog gear, as well as natural spaces sourced from 3rd parties. Importing your custom reverb IRs is also possible using the free Nixie 2 app.
Cloud is our gorgeously voluminous ambient reverb that draws from techniques developed in the late ‘70s. The Ensemble feature can create lush synthesized string section swells under your guitar playing, or add harmonic enrichment to the reverb when used more subtly. Thanks to the additional processing power available in BigSky MX, Ensemble now features significantly improved dynamic response, further enhancing the organic and musical way it reacts to your playing.
The MX Shimmer is an all-new take on a classic effect. This new algorithm is frequency-based, and unlike other pitch shifting effects is optimized to work great even at the end of your signal chain (where your reverb is most likely to be placed). This is a fast and modern Shimmer with finesse that works beautifully in front of a second reverb. For the classic time-based ambient shimmer sound pioneered by Brian Eno, select the Classic shimmer voice. We love both sounds, so experiment and see which one works best for the atmosphere you wish to create.
Newly added to the Bloom machine in BigSky MX is the Harmonics engine, which lends crystalline polyphonic wind instrument accompaniment to the overall sound. The core Bloom reverb features a slowly building envelope resulting in huge ambient sounds that sit nicely with the dry signal even at high Mix levels. In addition to Harmonics, Bloom features a unique Feedback parameter for additional harmonic movement and a wide variety of ear-catching and inspiring sounds.
The Chorale machine creates intriguingly lifelike vowel sounds in its reverberations, and new in BigSky MX is the addition of a new Choir engine, which enables you to add a tenor or baritone vocal section for even more powerful vocal pads. In addition, the Mod knob is powerfully effective for adding realism to the chorale effect —- as Mod is turned up, randomization is added to pitch and timbre to create an increasing number of singers that have distinct voices.
Capable of old-school magnetic drum delay, the Magneto machine sets up a multi-head echo, allowing you to select any number of heads from one to six. The Pre-Delay knob adjusts the feedback of the repeats, while the Diffusion parameter provides ambience by smearing the response of the heads, blurring the line between delay and reverb. Stereo ping-pong instantly creates a huge stereo field that is especially effective when combined with other reverb types in a Dual scenario.
Various physics-defying reverb shapes are available for special effects and unique textures. Choose from three “backward” shapes, add CHOP for tremolo, employ a GATE for abrupt cutoff, and more. A vast array of time-warping possibilities await your exploration.
BigSky MX Room algorithms create intimate environments ranging from well-tuned Studio ambience to larger Nightclub acoustics. The Tone knob, Diffusion, and Low End parameters adjust the damping and scattering effects of room materials, furniture, and people for heightened realism.
Diffused reflections and slower-building density are the hallmarks of this versatile reverb, built from the ground up for BigSky MX. The Concert size is well-balanced and warm, while the Arena size is huge, enveloping, and booming. The Mid parameter allows for EQ tailoring of the reverberated sound to make sure that it fits perfectly in the mix. A Swell parameter allows you to swell the reverberated signal behind the dry signal, or swell the dry signal into the reverb. At 100% dry, you can use this to swell your dry signal into a second reverb.
Chamber is a generous and dense medium-sized room reverberation with excellent focus and clarity. The selectable Color options recreate the result of varying the different speakers, mics and preamps used in the process of capturing the sound of the chamber.