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Real McCoy Custom RMC11 Wah-Wah Pedal Green Sparkle


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So, what is the RMC11?
The short answer is that it is the other Italian Clyde McCoy model.
The "why" is a bit longer.
The old Italian cases had a fairly short, restrictive, physical throw of the rocker. The compressed Icar pot took advantage of this short throw. The pot used in the other model didn't have a compressed taper and could not develop the full wah envelope in the tiny amount of rotation developed with the short throw Italian case.
The wah-wah shells I'm currently using have an insane amount of physical throw of the rocker. The pot taper that didn't work for the old Italian cases works like magic in my cases, producing a precise, ultra-wide sweep, featuring the full wah envelope. Something that just wasn't possible with the originals.
The RMC11 surpasses the abilities of the originals.
Pick one up and experience it for yourself!