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Dirty Haggard Audio Fiddy for an Ounce Fuzz Pedal


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Boutique guitar pedals made and designed in Portland fucking Oregon

Dirty Haggard Audio is based in Portland, OR and was created to build the kind of boutique guitar pedals we want to play ourselves.  We are musicians, audio engineers, and all around music nerds.

Fiddy for an Ounce

What do you get when you cross a FuzzFace and an original Muff Fuzz---and then turn the gain up to 11? You get the Fiddy for an Ounce!

  • 2-stage silicon fuzz with each stage delivering as much gain as the transistors can provide
  • Hard-set gentle noise-gate which stomps out the noise floor, but still allows plenty of sustain.
  • 2-stage RF/radio interference filter so you don't hear radio stations playing through your amp
  • Super aggressive power-supply noise-filtering.