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Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid Octave Fuzz Pedal - Black/White


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Boutique guitar pedals made and designed in Portland fucking Oregon

Dirty Haggard Audio is based in Portland, OR and was created to build the kind of boutique guitar pedals we want to play ourselves.  We are musicians, audio engineers, and all around music nerds.


The Arachnid is an octave fuzz based on the Fender Blender. I restructured the tone circuitry for optimal performance (and got rid of the knob, since most of the originals' sweep is extremely dark), reworked the input frequency-response so it doesn't attenuate the lows of the clean bypass (shout out to bass players), and added a couple extra little tricks and bits (like the NOS germanium diode in the clipping section alongside the familiar 4148 for a harmonically rich asymmetrical distortion).

Very rich, highly usable fuzz tones at lower gain settings, out of control/distorted-as-all-living-piss at higher gain settings.

As per usual, this pedal is SUPER quiet when not playing, but fully raging when you are. Fuck hum/buzz!