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Circa 1890s Martin 2 1/2 - 17 - Brazilian Rosewood - Original Coffin Case

We are pleased to present to you a circa 1890s Martin 2/12 - 17 in fantastic condition.

The beautifully made original coffin case is included and is in very good condition. The cloth label inside the case displays the model.

This guitar displays features found in the 1890s, those being: An ice cream cone neck heel, the more detailed binding on the top of the body, and the soundhole rosette- along with the type of label inside the case.

There have been several repairs throughout this guitar's life. The most recent repairs were done by luthier Paul Stroh. Paul repaired and restored the bridge that had been damaged and improperly repaired. It is back to its original glory and the repairs are near invisible. The workmanship is top shelf. Paul also repaired three top cracks, re-glued the loose fingerboard, and seated loose frets (which he also leveled and crowned). There are repairs to the back and sides that were done in the past. Paul inspected them and made sure they are stable. 

The guitar has never been refinished and shows some slight wear that is to be expected for its age.

Tuning machines are original, however a few of the buttons were replaced at some point. The gears are solid, turn smoothly, and overall the machines work great.

Original bar frets are intact and in good condition.

The neck is a very comfortable soft V shape, and the nut measures a standard 1-3/4" wide.

Sound quality and playability are excellent. The tone is warm and extremely resonant, with a surprisingly full sound for the size of the guitar. It is strung with light nylon strings and plays cleanly up the neck with comfortably low action (measuring about 6/64 on both sides at the 12th fret). 

From what we have read the 2 1/2-17 is the model of guitar that Mark Twain owned and played.

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of American history that predates the automobile.