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Arcane Analog Sola Sound MKII Tone Bender Hand Built on Perf-Board


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Hand Built in Canada Arcane Analog does not cut any corners when it comes to building fuzz pedals.

Built in small batches with only the best components if you are looking for a dead on Fuzz Face replica look no further. Tons of sustain with a big bottom. Each pedal is meticulously hand wired on perf. board leaving no doubt that when it comes to attention to detail Arcane Analog delivers.

The MK2 Tone Bender

The MK1.5 and MK2 have the typical Level (Volume) and Attack (Fuzz) controls of the originals and I are also offer an external Bias control which allows the player a wider tonal and texture palate. The bias knob provides a bit of temperature stability as well.

The original Tone Benders used OC75 transistors. I offer players choice the of carefully selected OC75 transistors or AC125 transistors for a little more high end presence.

Please choose your preference in the drop down menu. As always, customization is certainly an option.