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Arcane Analog Colorsound MKIV Tonebender OC75 Germanium Transistor Fuzz Pedal (SMALL CHIP ON THE SIDE OF THE ENCLOSURE)


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Hand Built in Canada Arcane Analog does not cut any corners when it comes to building fuzz pedals.

Built in small batches with only the best components if you are looking for a dead on Fuzz Face replica look no further. Tons of sustain with a big bottom. Each pedal is meticulously hand wired on perf. board leaving no doubt that when it comes to attention to detail Arcane Analog delivers.

Arcane Analog MKIV loaded with three NOS OC75 germanium transistors. This beast of a pedal, and all Arcane Analog pedals, are hand-wired, point-to-point, in Canada! This is a special edition, 1 of 1, MKIV that's painted red!

This take on a MKIV tonebender is fairly faithful reproduction, but also has it's own subtleties and nuances that truly make it it's own pedal.

Thick and chewy fuzz tones, that have loads of sustain and rich with harmonic undertones. Singing harmonic feedback is easily achieved whether the Fuzz control is set to noon, 3 o' clock, or dimed all the way up. When the Fuzz set to maximum stun, the fuzz compresses and achieve the timeless compression/bloom effect, all while never compressing too much to the point of sacrificing the musicality of the pedal.

Keeping the Fuzz control around 9 o' clock, the saturation level is low, keeping the fuzz nice and open and dynamic, yet still powerful, with lots of individual string clarity. As you turn the control above noon, the aggression level takes a step forward and really allows for a wall of fuzz to take over and decimate everything within it's path. Continue turning it up and the individual string clarity begins to diminish while playing more complex cords, but the luscious sustain and harmonic content of the pedal increases exponentially for lead runs and power cords.

Utilize the tone control to go from a hyper compressed and gated, super trebley fuzz, when turned all the way to the left. Crank it all the way to the left for an ultra woofy, low clarity fuzz. Or run it around noon for a nice, even and balance fuzz, that still retains the ability to cut.