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2010 Fender Dennis Galuszka Master Built Custom Shop 1963 Stratocaster Relic - Abigail Ybarra Pickups


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2010 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Heavy Relic in Excellent condition.

Guitar is cosmetically flawless outside of the factory relic job.
Frets are in fantastic shape- polished to a mirror sheen and have tons of life.
Abigail Ybarra pickups are breathtaking, with tones ranging from beautiful smooth scooped chime to snappy barking attack.
Neck is a medium C shape that nicely fills the hand and has an extremely fast feel.
The entire guitar feels lively and resonant whenever a chord or note is played.
Guitar has that vintage feel and vibe that make you want to pick it up and play.
Setup in house with super low action and no buzz.

Easily the best sounding and playing Strat to ever walk in our door.

Weighs 7lbs 12oz

Ships in Original Hard Case.

Includes certificate of authenticity, Trem arm/ash tray bridge cover, warranty card, paperwork with information about Dennis and Abigail, Fender strap. Does not include a spec sheet.