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2000 Gibson ES-335 - Vintage Sunburst w/ Original Hard Case


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Gibson ES-335 - Vintage Sunburst

This guitar is in good condition, with some noticeable cosmetic flaws including: a number of small dings to the headstock, some light but noticeable scratching on the body and headstock, and what appears to be some "stand rash" on the back of neck, right about the 12th fret. 

None of these cosmetic issues affect the sound or performance of the guitar.

Fully Rewired to Gibson spec by Tommy using CTS pots, Mallory .022 caps, vintage correct braided sheild wire and insulation. The pickups are stock. The reason the electronics have been replaced is there was a untraceable short somewhere in the harness.

Tone is bright and full with plenty of that woody, airy mid-range that these guitars are known for. 

The neck is a classic 60's thin profile that is profoundly comfortable to play all across the neck.

Frets have only very light wear with no divots or ruts forming. 

Freshly cleaned, restrung with 10-46 strings, and setup in-house with low action, a straight neck, and no noticeable fret buzz. 

Ships in the original hard case, which is well-used but in good shape minus one broken latch.