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1990s G&L Legacy 3 - Tone Sunburst Ash Body


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1990s G&L Legacy, 3 - Tone Sunburst on an Ash body. This guitar has a three bolt neck, the dual fulcrum tremolo, and a maple neck. The bridge pickup has been swapped with a Seymour Duncan JB-JR. A TKL hard shell case is included.

The frets are in good shape. A tad flat but no big grooves or high frets. The body has dings, chips and wear. The back of the body has buckle marks and the spring cover is missing. The necks finish has playing wear on the treble side from the 2nd fret to the 8th. Bass side frets two, three and five. Back of the neck between two and four. The trem posts and bridge plating is worn but still the parts are functional. The knobs are not original.