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1970 Fender Telecaster Blonde w/OHC


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1970 Fender Telecaster - Blonde with Original Hard Case.

Various dings and scratches are present as noted in photos, but no serious issues that affect the guitar outside of cosmetics.
Some natural discoloration has taken place over time, as well as some cracking in the finish of the neck near the headstock next to an old cigarette burn.  
Guitar has the typical finish cracks near the neck pocket that many Fenders will experience in their lifetime. 

Pickguard has been replaced, using slotted head screws. Original is not included. Also missing is one of the string ferrules. 

Bridge saddles have been replaced, as well as all electronics including pots, caps, output jack, and pickups. Original saddles and wiring are included. 

Frets on this guitar are original with visible wear across the neck, though the guitar still plays cleanly in all registers. 

Neck is skinny and fast with just enough meat to fit comfortably in the hand- an absolute joy to play. 

Tone is bright and clear, gives that perfect juicy vintage telecaster tone. 

Weighs in at 7lbs on the nose.