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1969 Gibson J-45 - Player's Grade w/Hard Case


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1969 Gibson J-45 in Good condition.

This instrument has seen a lot of use- and for good reason! Easily one of the sweetest sounding and best playing vintage acoustic guitars that has come through the store.

Dings, scratches, and obvious checking can be found all across the guitar, but there are no cracks or other issues that need to be addressed. The top appears to be sturdy with no noticeable sinking or bellying near the bridge. 

There is evidence of some bracing being reglued, the bridge appears to have been shaved down to achieve better action, and the saddle has been replaced with a more modern compensated bone saddle.

Tuning machines were replaced with Grovers, leaving some holes and evidence of the old tuning machines.

The guitar has had a recent re-fret with vintage style frets that are in beautiful shape with little to no play wear. 

Neck is straight and truss rod is functional. Guitar has been setup in house with low action and no noticeable fret buzz. 

A pickup has been installed that we cannot identify but works perfectly and sounds great. 

Overall, a fantastic player's grade vintage Gibson that would be an excellent addition to anyone's collection.

Ships in a Gator Hard Case.