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1968 Gibson EB-0 Electric Bass Guitar


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1968 Gibson EB-0 bass in Fair condition.

This bass has seen a lot of use, with various dings, scratches, buckle rash, etc. but remains in mostly original condition minus the foam mute. An aftermarket tug bar/finger rest has been added, and there are some metal studs in the body as well as some holes near the bridge, implying that it may have seen some other  modifications or replacement parts at some point. There is a significant amount of fret wear, however the bass still plays quite well and has no obvious buzzing or dead spots. Neck currently has slight relief for optimal playability, and truss rod is functioning with room for adjustment.

Great thumpy vintage tone, with a fast and smooth playing experience owed to the 30" scale length. This bass would make an excellent addition to someone's recording arsenal.

No case.