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Behringer Hell Babe Wah Pedal


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Behringer Hell Babe Wah Pedal in good condition. This pedal is fully functional and ready to rock. This pedal has some minor cosmetic wear around the enclosure.

Description from Behringer

A wah pedal made to last! The Behringer Hellbabe HB01 wah pedal boasts total optical control, which means there are no mechanical pots and switches to wear out - a big bonus as far as gigging guitarists at Sweetwater are concerned. You've got impressive control over your wah tone, with an adjustable Range control and an additional fine-tune control. You can even choose between spring-back pedal operation or standard wah pedal operation. For a flexible wah pedal that won't break your bank account, check out the Behringer Hellbabe HB01 wah pedal.