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1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Standard-80 - *HEAVILY MODDED* - Maple Fretboard/Dimarzios - Cherry Sunburst


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1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Standard-80 w/ Hard Case.

This is a very unique, highly modified instrument- starting it's life as a cherry sunburst Les Paul Heritage 80 with Tim Shaw humbuckers, it went through a number of changes before arriving at our shop.

Anyone familiar with these guitars will notice that it has been routed for a middle pickup, and even more obvious is the fingerboard that has been replaced with a maple one.
It's unclear why the fretboard was replaced, but the craftsmanship on the modification is very impressive. There has been some finish touch up around the binding and headstock that is basically imperceptible to the eye, but otherwise looks as though it could've left the factory this way.
This guitar has some very attractive finish checking across the body, neck, and headstock alike, and the maple top has some beautiful flame and other asymmetric grain that make it a real looker. 

Neck thickness starts around 0.80" at first fret, chunking up to just over 1.0" by the time you've reached the twelfth fret. Nice roundness to the profile, fits very comfortably in the hand.
Action is currently nice and low, with no noticeable buzzing when amplified. Frets are only lightly worn, with no divots or serious problem areas. Plenty of life before any work will be needed. Fretwire is relatively small, but taller than what we would think of as "vintage".

The three pickups are all Dimarzios with patent stickers- DP193 Air Norton in Neck and Middle positions, and a DP153 FRED in the bridge. 
Pickups are wired with a volume control for each as well as a master tone. the 3 way switch gives you: 

Neck+Middle (up)
All 3 pickups (middle)
Middle+Bridge (down)

Classic thick Les Paul tones as well as chimey and sparkly sounds atypical for this style of guitar can be achieved by blending the pickup volumes.

Sneaks just under double digits for weight- I get 9 lbs 15.5oz on my scale.

Overall this guitar is a killer player and a one of a kind show piece that would be a great addition to anybody's collection. 

Will ship in a non-original hardcase.