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Catalinbread Valcoder Valco-style Tremolo Pedal (close out)


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'60s Valco-style Tremolo in a Pedal Enclosure

If you're looking for the ultimate '60s Valco amp tremolo sounds in a pedal, look no further. Catalinbread has revamped their now-collectible "bantam" form factor Valcoder pedal, and the new model's separate Input and Output knobs let you dial in some dirty garage grit along with old-school tremolo. You also get a Depth knob for taking it from a soft, bubbly tremolo to a choppier tremolo. The Speed knob sets the frequency, and both Depth and Speed affect the tremolo's pulse shape. The Valcoder gives you plenty of control, all housed in a tough metal enclosure with a high-quality footswitch that's ready for life on the road. Even the Valcoder's power options (9V–18V via an external power supply — not included) give you creative control, and powering it at 18V instead of 9V will give you a stronger and choppier tremolo.