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Arcane Analog NKT773 Fuzz Face N.O.S. NKT773 Germanium Transistors


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Built in small batches with only the best components if you are looking for a dead on Fuzz Face replica look no further. Tons of sustain with a big bottom. Each pedal is meticulously hand wired on perf. board leaving no doubt that when it comes to attention to detail Arcane Analog delivers.

The Arcane Analog NKT773 is a classic Fuzz Face circuit with an external bias built on veroboard with NOS NKT773 transistors.

The NKT773 germanium transistors have been meticulously tested and matched to perfection. Low signal noise, endless sustain, excellent clean up when rolling your guitar volume down, and wah friendly.

Hand Built in Canada Arcane Analog does not cut any corners when it comes to building fuzz pedals.