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Arcane Analog Jacknife Silicon Utility Fuzz Pedal

An exclusive pedal built for Tommy's Guitar Shop.

The Jacknife is based on the MK2 Tone Bender topology but incorporates a number of deviations from that classic circuit. The pedal incorporates the classic volume and fuzz controls found on the MK2 but takes a sharp turn in the direction of modernity. As opposed to germanium, the Jacknife uses silicon transistors to remove the inconvenience of temperature instability issues. At the front of the circuit is a trim control which dictates the amount of low end allowed to pass into the pedal. This allows the pedal to be used with both guitar and bass while setting how tight or loose the tone will be. The pedal also has a bias control which allows the player to dial in how hot the fuzz is or to provide a velcro / misbiased sound. Lastly, the Jacknife incorporates a Baxandal tone stack to allow for a wide range of tone shaping opportunities. The Jacknife will give you everything from a crunchy overdrive to a thick and saturated fuzz. The utility of the pedal is that you can find the sounds of the MK2 Tone Bender, the Big Muff, the Overdriver and everything in between.

The Jacknife also makes a great bass fuzz and lends endless options!

Designed to be used to be with a standard negative pin 9 volt power supply. 

Hand Built in Canada Arcane Analog does not cut any corners when it comes to building fuzz pedals.