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Arcane Analog Colorsound Power Sound BC109B (SMALL SCUFF ON ENCLOSURE)


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Hand Built in Canada Arcane Analog does not cut any corners when it comes to building fuzz pedals.

Built in small batches with only the best components if you are looking for a dead on Fuzz Face replica look no further. Tons of sustain with a big bottom. Each pedal is meticulously hand wired on perf. board leaving no doubt that when it comes to attention to detail Arcane Analog delivers.

Arcane Analog Power Sound is a recreation of the ColorSound Overdriver. While it retains a lot of the root characteristics of it's original counterpart, the Power Sound has Arcane Analog's own favoring to it's sound.

Hand-built in Canada and is hand-wired using the highest quality parts available.

Like the original Overdriver, fuzz doesn't come on until the last 5% of the Gain knob. Then it erupts into a full on fuzz heaven! Whether dialing the Gain knob all the way up and using it as a standalone fuzz, or using it as a boost to hit the front end of your amp.the Power Sound add an extra layer of vintage-y, fuzzy goodness.

It's equipped with three BC109B silicon transistors to achieve a thick and chewy fuzz. Utilizes 4 knobs; Trim (volume), Treble, Bass, and Gain. Very simple and straight forward, merely smile and dial to your liking.