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Daddario PW-AMSK-10 American Stage Straight to Straight Instrument Cable with Kill Switch- 10 foot

Trust Your Signal to D'Addario

D'Addario American Stage Kill Switch Cables let you sound your best. Inferior guitar/instrument cables can mangle your tone. But because these American Stage Kill Switch Cables use audiophile-quality wire and custom-designed Neutrik 1/4" plugs, you get a robust connection and clear delivery of your precious tone. And with the integrated kill switch you'll avoid undo wear and tear on your amplifiers and speakers. The switch automatically kills the electrical connection when pulled so there is no pop when pulling an active cable from a jack. Onstage and in the studio - whether you play guitar, keyboards, bass, or any other electric instrument - you can trust your signal to D'Addario American Stage Kill Switch Cables.

D'Addario American Stage Kill Switch Cables Guitar/Instrument Cable at a Glance:

  • High-quality instrument cable with built-in kill switch
  • Built in momentary kill switch for silent instrument changes
  • Patented Geo-tip design ensures a secure connection
  • In-line soldering technology provides a superior connection
  • Chuck style cable clamp provides powerful strain relief
  • Reliable Neutrik connectors
  • Lifetime guarantee