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Mesa Boogie Thiele Compact 90-watt 1x12" Extension Cabinet w/Cover


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Used Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12 Cabinet in Mint condition. Cab is basically unplayed with no marks or dings on the tolex. Comes with original tag and dust cover.

The Mesa/Boogie 1 x 12" Thiele Compact Cab packs an impressive low-end punch for its size, thanks to a ported, closed-back design and a great-sounding 12" Celestion speaker that's capable of handling up to 90 watts of power. Plug your head or amp into the 1x12 Thiele Compact Cab, and you'll be amazed at the huge tones you get. This cab is constructed of high-quality baltic birch, which enhances its tonality while providing the rock-solid reliability you need on the road or in the studio. Covered in classy (and tough) black vinyl, the 1 x 12" Thiele Compact Cab complements just about any rig.