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Fair, Friendly, and Honest. Tommy's Guitar Shop is a great place to do business. You will always get courteous and professional service, whether you're spending $1.00 or $50,000.00, customer satisfaction is #1 at Tommy's.

Tommy's Guitar Shop offers internet & in store sales, in store guitar repairs, along with in store lessons for guitar and bass.

Tommy pays top $$$ for guitars, basses, amps & effects. If you are looking to sell contact Tommy for a fair deal. Tommy also offers consignment for your rare and vintage gear. If you are looking to move a piece and want to get the most $$$ possible, contact Tommy and he will take care of your needs.

Thank you for shopping at Tommy's Guitar Shop!!!

9/17/2014 MESA CabClone is in-house and a must have!

Is it a speaker cabinet emulator, a DI box, a unit that allows your 100 watt head to become a headphone amp? It's all that and more!


7/2/2014 Looking for a Lefty? Follow the link!

That's right! Tommy's Guitar Shop is stocking a bigger selection of LEFT HANDED guitars and basses that we ever have before!


3/29/2014 New York based Balls Effects made an exclusive pedal for Tommy's!

Custom made 18 volt recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Boost of the late sixties for Tommy's Guitar Shop ONLY! Entirely hand-wired in Brooklyn, NY buy a mastermind known only as, The Doctor...

3/5/2014 Tommy's Guitar Shop is doing another FREE PEDAL GIVEAWAY!!!

Up for grabs is one MXR Custom Shop CSP-001 Variphase! Over a $200 value...for the small price of FREE! To enter this incredible contest, you merely SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel, and you are entered to win! The contest will run for 1 WEEK ONLY! We will announce the winner in exactly 7 days! On March 12th, 2014, we will announce the winning YouTube Subscriber on Facebook and via direct message.


2/24/2014 Mesa Boogie will soon be available at Tommy's Guitar Shop!!!

That's right evereyone! We just became a Mesa Boogie dealer and will be having our first order arrive in the following weeks. So keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page as well as the website for all the up to date details!

11/12/2013 Christmas Pedal Specials

With the Holiday season upon us, Tommy's Guitar Shop would like to help you get in the spirit with unbelievable pedal savings! Save anywhere between 20%-55% off pedals from all the companies you know and love!

These special prices are too low to advertise and are IN-STORE ONLY. The only way to save money this holiday on the guitar player in your life, is to stop by or call Tommy's Guitar Shop!

09/07/2013 G&L Savannah Collection

New limited edition G&L Savannah Collection guitars are in stock! The Savannah Collection features semi-hollow Okoume bodies with Korina tops and Pao Ferro fretboards. These guitars have a beautiful Tobacco Sunburst Finish. Come on in or look for them soon on our website.

https://www.tommysguitarshop.com/search.php?search=savannah Collection&x=-1151&y=-38

08/16/2013 Left Handed Instruments

Our left handed section is expanding! Check them out here!


07/29/2013 RMC Wah Pedals

RMC wah pedals are back in stock! These great sounding wah pedals are all handmade by Jeffery Teese in Oregon.


07/10/2013 Rockbox Electronics Hand painted pedals

Rockbox Electronics will no longer offer the hand painted swirl finishes as their standard finish option for pedals. We currently have The Red Dog Distortion, The Boiling Point Overdrive/Boost, and The Brown Sugar Distortion in stock and ready to ship!


06/03/2013 Emanating Fist Electronics

A new shipment of Emanating Fist Electronics Pedals have arrived! Look for them soon on our website

04/30/2013 Hudson Electronics Pedals

Fuzz pedals are one of our specialties here at TGS. We have a great selection to choose from. Check out our Hudson Electronics pedals including the new Overdrive Eight Fifty and the Standard Machine!


04/09/2013 Breedlove Acoustics

We just recived a new shipment of Breedlove acoustics! Look for them soon on our website, or come on in and check out these great sounding guitars!


04/01/2013 New Store Hours

Tommy's Guitar Shop has new store hours! We've extended our weekday hours to 7:00pm to help us better serve our customers.

Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

03/26/2013 DiMarzio Pickups

DiMarzo Pickups are in stock! Check out these great USA made pickups!


03/19/2013 Ukeleles!

There will be more on our website shortly. Come on in to check out our full selection of great Ukes!


03/06/2013 Dope Priest Demo!

The Emanating Fist Dope Priest demo is here!


03/01/2013 Cordoba Ukeleles

Cordoba Ukuleles just came in! Come check out our uke tree. Whether you're just starting out, or a seasoned player, we've got you covered!

02/27/2013 Video Demos

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for video demos on your favorite gear. Look for our upcoming demo of the Emanating Fist Electronics Dope Priest! http://www.youtube.com/user/TommysGuitarShop

02/23/2013 Kala Ukuleles

Kala ukes have arrived at Tommy's Guitar Shop! Come on in and check out our selection of great sounding ukes!

02/20/2013 Organizing

We are currently in the process of rearranging parts of our website. If you are having trouble finding an item feel free to give us a call at 425-252-9252.

Thank you for your patience!

02/13/2013 Last D*A*M Greasebox GB-83

We only have one of these left! This is the last run of the Silicon Greasebox, after this one has sold they will no longer be available. Don't miss out on your opportunity to own one of these hand made fuzz pedals!


02/13/2013 Tommy's is back on eBay!

Looking for more deals? Check out our eBay store!


02/05/2013 Emanating Fist Electronics

Brand new from Emanating fist Electronics, The Dope Priest! These hand made pedals are a D*A*M manifestation and come to us from the UK.

The Dope Priest is based on Big Muff, but with refined features and tone. Come on in and check one out!


01/03/2013 TC Electronic FlashbackX4 Delay

Brand new from TC Electronic, the Flashback X4 http://www.tommysguitarshop.com/IK5I9-TC-Electronic-Flashback-X4

11/16/2012 Blackstar Amplification!

Tommy's is now a Blackstar dealer! check them out at http://www.tommysguitarshop.com/mfg/Blackstar/

10/29/2012 D*A*M Effects!

New D*A*M Greasebox GB-83's in stock! https://www.tommysguitarshop.com/mfg/DAM-Effects/

10/26/2012 New Acoustics!

Brand new Takamines have arrived. These guitars feature a limited lifetime warranty! Many include high quality features such as onboard electronics and solid tops. Come on in and check them out!

09/18/2012 D*A*M Fuzzrong FR-70

We've only got three of these beauties left! The FR-70 is a silicon fuzz pedal based on the Mosrite Fuzzrite. These ones are finished in Grey 'n Yellow. They won't stick around for long, check them out at: http://www.tommysguitarshop.com/F5ZX6-DAM-Fuzzrong-FR-70

09/10/2012 Layaways

With the holiday season approaching we would like to remind our customers that we offer a layaway program. A 20% down payment holds a store item for up to 60 days, or up to 30 days on consignment items. Pay at your convenience with no interest! Layaways are a great, affordable way to get the gear you love! If you are interested in putting an item on layaway, visit http://www.tommysguitarshop.com/contact/ and send us a message, or call 425-252-9252 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.

08/07/2012 USA G&L's are in stock!

Here at Tommy's Guitar Shop, we are loaded with G&L's. All of our G&L's are beautiful USA made instruments that sound amazing. We carry both new and used, including the new 2012 special collection! Come on by and check out our selection!

01/09/2012 Guitar thief busted

We helped recover some stolen guitars for one of our customers last week. Click on the link to see the KOMO 4 News story!


12/19/2011 Fresh Off The Delivery Truck!

Brand new LTD electrics and Takamine acoustics and acoustic/electrics! All will be going online this week. Come in and check out the Christmas specials that can only be found here, in-house, at Tommy's Guitar Shop!

12/07/2011 New Takamine Acoustics in Stock!

Just received a shipment from Takamine of new, awesome looking, awesome sounding guitars that are priced to move! Check back in a couple days to see them in our Acoustic Guitar section! They all come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

What's On Tap At Tommy's Guitar Shop

The CabClone is a force to be reckoned with!

The CabClone is a force to be reckoned with!

Is it a speaker cabinet emulator, a DI box, a unit that allows your 100 watt head to become a headphone amp? It's all that and more!

All original 1973 Gibson SG Standard

All original 1973 Gibson SG Standard

This is stunning example of a quality vintage guitar!

The EHX Soul Food is telling it like it is

The EHX Soul Food is telling it like it is

After it's release only 6 months ago, this coveted "Klon killer" has taken the guitar world by storm! A small pedal in size and price, but enormous is versatility and tone!

Hand-made in New York exclusively for Tommys Guitar Shop!

Hand-made in New York exclusively for Tommys Guitar Shop!

The Balls Effects Powerful Booster is 18 volts of pure power! Made after the ColorSound Power Booster, but with a modern touch of ingenuity.

Mesa Boogie has landed at TGS!

Mesa Boogie has landed at TGS!

The first of many to arrive, including; Dual Rectifier Head, Tone-Burst, Flux-Drive, Grid Slammer, Throttle Box, and so many tubes!

2007 Gibson Robot Guitar Limited Edition 1st Production Run that has NEVER BEEN PLAYED!

2007 Gibson Robot Guitar Limited Edition 1st Production Run that has NEVER BEEN PLAYED!

Literally, NEVER BEEN PLAYED! Even comes with the original shipping box!

Earthquaker Devices are shaking things up!

Earthquaker Devices are shaking things up!

We welcome Earthquaker Devices to the shop with open ears and eager minds!

1965 Gibson SG Junior!

1965 Gibson SG Junior!

Oh yeah baby! All original and needing a good home!

Featured Gear


Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88

Vastly improved Tone, features, dial-ability, portability, packaging and control over the entire spectrum make the PRODIGY an iconic step forward in Bass amplification. With an all-new tube preamp, a...

Brian Moore DC/1P

What we have here is one Brian Moore DC/1P in like-new condition with the original hardshell case and case candy. This amazing instrument features a beautiful carved quilted Maple top with matching...

Breedlove American KO VTG

The K series of Breedlove mandolins became an instant classic. Through the mind and hands of Kim Breedlove, the traditional Florentine shape has been transformed into a more modern, less rounded...