Mesa Boogie CABCLONE AC.CC16 16 ohm

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The CABCLONE™ is a passive (no power supply) Cabinet Simulator/Speaker Mic alternative with a built-in Amp Load for amps rated at 100-watts or less. It provides a direct interface of your guitar amp’s Speaker Output to the input of a mixing console, microphone preamp or even direct to your converters (recorder), with or without the need for a speaker cabinet. It’s also a Compensated Headphone Driver that delivers a great sounding, great feeling headphone-friendly version of your amp’s Tone that’s perfect for late night practice sessions or anytime you want to play without others listening.

What guitarist wouldn’t want to have one for their toolbox? Here’s an opportunity to use your favorite amplifier in situations where it may not have been possible or ideal in the past. Think of all the applications a CABCLONE™ would come in handy.

  • Late Night practicing – using the headphone out
  • Recording in a Studio (especially your Home studio where volume or acoustic properties may be an issue) – using the Direct Out and taking advantage of the Internal Amp Load feature (no cabinet required)
  • Live Performance – In place of a microphone (one less microphone for signal to bleed into) – using the Speaker Cab Out to still get the tone & feel on stage of your full rig
  • Live Performance – In place of an IsoBox (ideal for the Church guitarist) – Your amp’s tone through the monitors or in ears - again, taking advantage of the Internal Amp Load feature (no cabinet required)
  • Studio & Live Performance – In addition to a microphone – giving you the choice of the CABCLONE BALANCED DIRECT OUT, the Mic–or both–for the ability to blend them (in real time or later) in a mix session

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