Ibanez EDB-600 Ergodyne (2001)

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2001 Ibanez EDB-600 Ergodyne is in excellent condition and perfect playing order.

The Ergodyne features an ergonomic body shape that has a curvature to fit more comfortably to the players torso.

Overall it's in extremely clean shape.Has a small finish wear spot on the face below the E string near the end of the fretboard, most likely caused by the previous owners thumbnail. There's some minor finish scuffs on the bass side edge of the body near the waist. The back of the neck is free from any dings, dents, or impressions.

This bolt-on neck 4-string is finished in pearl white satin, is loaded with 2 humbucking pickup and has an active EQ with bass, mid, and treble controls that will boost or cut the frequencies. It has a medium C neck profile with a rosewood fretboard and 24 frets.

Has a 1 1/2" nut width, a 34" scale length, and weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces.

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